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What happens if I forget to pay my invoice before it's due?

For Administrators Answered on 24 April, 2017 244 views

Nothing happens immediately, so don't panic. Firstly, we'll never delete your account or data without your consent. Even if you forget to pay, we'll still hold onto it unless you formally confirm you no longer want our services. 

The invoice due date is a soft deadline. That date indicates the billing cycle you are now paying for, but you don't have to pay for that date. We advise you to do so, however. If you don't pay by that date, don't worry. We give you 7 days to pay your invoice before disabling your access. If you, for whatever reason, need longer to pay your invoice, just get in contact with us and we'll extend that. 

We'll always contact you before your invoice is due soon, or if you've just missed it, or if you've missed it by a week. You can always contact us if you need to.

Please bear in mind that if you miss the invoice date, and you pay later, you're paying from the date of your invoice - your next invoice date will not change from its original. Therefore, if you wait a 7 days before paying and you pay monthly, your next invoice will be due in 23 days, not 30.

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