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What browsers is Testy.me compatible with?

For Administrators Answered on 14 May, 2017 499 views

We've designed and created Testy.me to be compatible with the widest range of browsers possible. This page will be kept up to date with any known bugs and fixes when available. Here's the rundown:

Google Chrome - Fully supported, recommended!

Google Chrome is our recommended browser to use Testy.me on. It's fully supported, and there are no known bugs at the moment. Download Google Chrome from https://www.google.com/chrome/. We are not affiliated with Google or their "Chrome" product.

Mozilla Firefox - Fully supported

We fully support Mozilla Firefox, and there are no known bugs at the moment.

Apple Safari - Fully supported

We fully support Safari, and there are no known bugs at the moment.

Vivaldi - Fully supported

We fully support Vivaldi, and there are no known bugs at the moment.

Microsoft Edge - Mostly supported, few graphical issues

Microsoft's Edge is mostly supported, but there are a few known graphical errors that we are working on fixing in a future update. These bugs do not affect the usability of our product at all:

  • Within the Creator, the "Question" sidebar tab will lose it's border on hover when the "Design" tab is selected.
  • Modals may occasionally have a strange entrance animation, but they should always appear correctly after.
  • Some fonts are rendered oddly. This is a problem with Edge, but we're going to mess with the fonts themselves to see if we can help fix this.

Internet Explorer 10 and 11 - Supported, but several issues exist

We appreciate that many schools and teachers still use Internet Explorer, so we try our hardest to support it. However, several issues do exist and we still strongly advise you use Chrome instead for the best experience.

  • On the analytics page, the graphs and sidebar items will initially appear very large. They fix themselves, but this is a very obvious, annoying graphical bug. It doesn't affect the usability, but we are trying to find a fix.
  • Just like in Edge, fonts are butchered.
  • Screenshots for tests can't be taken due to Internet Explorer's limitations.
  • Several graphical issues in the Creator.
  • You can not print tests from the Creator due to Internet Explorer's limitations.

When you log in from Internet Explorer for the first time, we will warn you to switch to another browser. While Internet Explorer is supported, it isn't perfect and there will always be unpredictable bugs that will appear that we can not fix or even know about. We strongly advise you use another browser, like Chrome.

Internet Explorer 9 or lower - Not supported at all

Any version of Internet Explorer lower than version 9 is very buggy and is very vulnerable to security attacks. We do not and will not support these versions at all and we strongly advise you use another browser.

Opera - Not officially supported, but should work fine

We don't officially support Opera, but due to it sharing code with Chrome and due to light testing we haven't found any issues. You should be fine, but we won't go out of our way to support this browser right now. If you find any large, serious bugs, please contact us.

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