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What are our "termly updates"?

For Administrators Answered on 24 April, 2017 425 views

We are constantly updating and improving Testy.me.

For small updates, we add them to our platform as soon as they are ready to go and have been thoroughly tested.

However, for large updates (and for updates that might change the way you work slightly), we save those and release them during the school holidays. That's why we call them "termly updates".

There are several reasons for why we do this:

  • For every new update, by nature, there may be a bug or something not quite working perfectly. With a the whole holiday to go, we can continue testing how our platform is going in production before it gets hit with use during the school days. Therefore, a problem won't hit as hard.
  • We receive much less traffic in the holidays. Occasionally, introducing new features can cause something to break (or even our entire platform to go down, depending on the feature). If something does go down, the effect it'll have will be much less compared to if a problem happened during a school day.
  • It gives you the holiday to get to grips with our new features, so you can test them before you get back to full-time work. 

You can view a log of our termly updates here. We'll always contact you to let you know what's new and changed.

Updates are applied on our end and do not require you to do anything at all!

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