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Termly Updates Log

For Administrators Answered on 24 April, 2017 450 views

This is a log of our termly updates. What are termly updates?

Update 1.1 


  • Public tests: publicly share your tests for other teachers
  • Smart help: quickly ask our AI for help within the creator
  • Internet Explorer fixes


  • Classes: group your students into classes
  • First-time tour: have a quick look around on your first time
  • Avatars: everyone can now create avatars for personalisation!


  • Excel export


  • Student, teacher and administrator dashboards and account systems
  • The Creator
    • Question Suggestions
    • Test Publishing
    • Test Printing
    • Short, long and multiple choice questions
    • Test Theming
  • Test Player
  • Test Analytics
  • Automatic Test Marking
  • Test Flagging
  • Student and Teacher Manager
  • Messaging Platform
  • Media Manager
  • CheatGuard
  • Invoice System
  • Status Tracker
  • Knowledge Base (Deskplane)
  • Public API for Custom Login
  • Email System (for lost passwords, etc)
  • Location Tracking for account protection

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