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Import students from SIMS

For Administrators Answered on 3 May, 2017 538 views

In order to save you a lot of time importing your students to, you can export all of your students from SIMS as a .csv file and import them into This should also work for any student database that will export a CSV file.


  1.  From the main menu, select "Reports", and then "Run Reports".

  2.  Within the "Focus" menu, "Student" and then " To Library V2".

  3.  Click on "Preview".

  4.  Click on "Run" to export the data in SIMS.

(screenshot credit to Micro Librarian Systems)

  5.  Select "Comma separated", and click "OK"

  6.  Select the location where you'll save your CSV file


  1.  Login to your school administrator account

  2.  In the "Students" tab, delete any students who you've already created accounts for if they are in your new CSV file, otherwise duplicate accounts will be created

  3.  Click "Add From File", and select the file you exported from SIMS

  4.  Every CSV file is different, so follow the wizard to select the correct headings

  5.  Set a default password for these users

Your accounts will now be generated!

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