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How does monthly billing work?

For Administrators Answered on 24 April, 2017 276 views

We try our hardest to make our billing practices as easy and simple as possible so you know exactly what you're getting. However, months are awkward! One of them is 28 days, a few are 30 days and a few are 31 days. Therefore, we follow what most other companies do regarding reoccuring billing and define a month as 30 days. Here's exactly how often you'll be paying for each plan:

  • Our monthly plan is every 30 days.
  • Our bi-monthly plan is every 60 days.
  • Our quarterly plan is every 92 days (365 days, divided by 4, rounded up).
  • Our bi-annual plan is every 183 days (365 days, divided by 2, rounded up).
  • Our annual plan is every 365 days.

However, despite the awkwardness of the number of days, you'll always be paying the same price as we calculate our prices by each day, and then multiply it by the days paid for.

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