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How does CheatGuard work?

For Administrators Answered on 1 August, 2017 455 views

Cheat Guard is a mix of client and server software that makes it impossible to get away with cheating on tests.

Cheat Guard is a mix of client and server software that prevents or reports cheating. Whenever cheating is prevented, it is also reported to the teacher of the test in the test overview.

When a student takes a test, Cheat Guard monitors many actions both on the student's computer and on our server. Many cheats are detected by comparing the collected data - any anomalies are commonly cheat attempts.

At, we never give the student's computers the answer - if the student has a bit of knowhow, or they follow an online tutorial, it's incredibly easy to fetch answers that are stored on the student's machine (as seen on many competing services). Instead, we mark tests on our servers. The answers are securely kept on our servers, and when a test gets marked, the student's computer will send their answers to our servers, which then get graded securely. This is why it's impossible to cheat and get the answers on

There are several things a student can do that we can not physically prevent from happening as they have to be controlled from the student's computer. One common example is stopping the test timer - this is possible and there is no way to prevent this. However, Cheat Guard also independently monitors the time taken for the student to submit their test answers on the server, and so we can always monitor and know how long each student took to complete their test.

Because of the combination of server and client software, any anomalies between the two data sets which would be caused by cheating is instantly detected and reported. It's impossible to get away with cheating

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