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Testy.me On-Premises

For Administrators Answered on 24 April, 2017 505 views

We're in the process of creating an "on-premises" version of Testy.me. It will allow you to:

  • Customise the UI however you'd like
  • Add or remove features
  • Use your own servers, instead of using ours (which may be cheaper for you)
  • Re-brand the solution

It will not allow you to:

  • Re-sell or re-distribute Testy.me for free or for any price
  • Charge or make any money from our service
  • Provide the service to other institutions

Here's some things you must know:

  • Testy.me On-Premises will provide an update functionality, and minor updates (1.x.x) will be provided for free. We may charge for major updates (2.x.x), but we may provide discounts, although we are not obliged to. If you have modified the code for testy.me, it's your responsibility to ensure a smooth upgrade process and create backups - we can not be held responsible for loss of data or uptime due to an update failure due to modified code. Always make backups, and update at a time where your users probably aren't using testy.me
  • When using Testy.me On-Premises, you won't have access to the regular set of public tests and questions. "Question suggestions" and public tests will work as normal in your institution's On-Premises version, but they will be isolated from the actual testy.me pool of questions and tests. We are planning on creating an API for public global "question suggestions" (which will allow your "On-Premises" version to use our question suggestions), but this can not be guaranteed and is currently only planned.
  • We can not provide technical support for any modifications you make.
  • Updates to testy.me On-Premises may be released some time after the update has been released for cloud version.

Requirements and specifications:

Base requirements:

  • PHP 5.4+ or PHP 7.0+ (we won't be supporting lower than 5.4 any time soon)
  • MySQLi database support (other DB drivers are planned)
  • Apache (2.4.25) or similar

We also advise you have the following, although they are not required:

  • An SSL certificate for encrypting communication
  • NGINX load balancer
  • A good knowledge of PHP, JS and SQL

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